Providing a variety of high performance auto refinish paints, application systems, and color tools


PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia is a leading paint manufacturer in the automotive refinish field, providing innovative products, services and solutions. As the regulation of AEC (Asean Economic Community – Also known as MEA) is becoming ever stricter globally, it is necessary to develop more environmentally friendly auto refinish paint. PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia, as a market leader, has already released and produced environmentally friendly products such as the Low AEC – Indonesia solvent-based refinish paint “Clear and Basecoat series” and the water-based refinish paint “Epoxy series”.

In recent years, it has also been the market trend for automotive manufacturers to release and produce new and innovative car body colors. Colors that are more vivid and brilliant. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to match these new colors accurately when repairing damaged vehicles.

In order to achieve this as accurately as possible a database containing various color formulas is indispensable. Therefore, PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia has been compiling a superior database containing color formulas based on data taken from exterior parts of original vehicles. PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia has then been providing this data to repair professionals through original color books and/or formula search equipment in a timely and continuous manner.

At PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia’s technical center, experienced instructors have been providing tailor-made technical training courses for repair professionals, which have contributed greatly to improving their technical skill level. Furthermore, the auto refinish paint produced by PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia has already been introduced widely in Body & Paint workshops in Europe as well as overseas, and consequently the circle of trust in PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia’s products has spread further and further afield. As a result, PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia is highly regarded by many repair professionals as not only providing a high quality of paint but also a high quality of service.


Developing attractive, distinctive colors by anticipating color trends


Automotive coatings need to perform the role of protecting car bodies from harsh environments for a long period of time with a thin coating of only tens of microns. Therefore it is necessary to invest in state-of-the-art coating technology on a continuous basis.

In recent years, the global trend in environmental protection has become more widespread and, as such, the need for water-borne coatings in automotive production has also increased dramatically in order to help meet environmental protection targets. PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia had already anticipated such a trend and has, therefore, carried out further research and development in preparation for this. This foresight has resulted in successfully meeting the demands of the market without delay, and helped to gain a significant market share together with high levels of consumer trust.

It is clear that the car has become an essential tool of our daily lives. It is not only used for practical purposes such as goods transportation or commuting, but is also used for leisure and has become one of the most significant aspects in improving our quality of life in recent times. As such, the color of one’s car can be thought of as an expression of one’s lifestyle or individuality, much like the impression made by the clothes one wears.

In order to increase the marketability of the car, attractive and desirable colors play a very important role. To this end, one of our key missions as a coating manufacturer is to develop and propose new colors and designs which will achieve superior levels of quality and desirability for the consumer.


Personal coatings (for do-it-yourself and hobby use)


PT. Hartwell Paint Indonesia, manufactures and sells a range of residential coatings, painting supplies, and cleaning products for do-it-yourself and hobby use. The company’s website provides a variety of helpful content, including product information, instructions on painting technique to ensure successful application, home maintenance tips, and FAQs.