NC ( Nitro Cellulose )

NC is usually used for simple cars, such as pickups, public transport trucks, etc. NC is an inexpensive paint material and has several basic weaknesses; among others, less shiny (glossy) and fade quickly. However, this type has an attractive advantage, namely its ‘instant’ nature. No need to wait long, just a few minutes the painted car can be used again.
1. Basecoat, paint and top clear coat only one type of NC, PU only or Enamel alone will NOT be a PROBLEM
2. If the Cat / clear NC is overwritten by PU, it doesn’t matter, but otherwise if PU is overwritten by NC it will be PROBLEM
3. If the paint / clear enamel is overwritten by PU has a problem, on the other hand, if the enamel is overwritten there is no problem.